Canada’s Top Universities: 2023-2024 Deadlines 

Times Higher Educations World University Rankings. The top universities in Canada offer flexibility to students to study the courses of their choice across different academic levels.We have listed the names of the top universities in Canada along with other details such as their world rankings, popular courses, average tuition fees, application process and scholarships.

Top Universities in Canada World University Rankings 2019

While studying in top universities in Canada, students get to experience modern teaching techniques that help evolve their thinking process and understanding of the concepts. Given below is the list of top universities in Canada along with their QS and THE world university rankings to help students decide which one suits them better.

List of top universities of Canada

Name of UniversityQS World University Rankings 2019THE World University Rankings 2019
University of Toronto2821
McGill University3344
University of British Columbia4737
University of Alberta109132
McMaster University14677
University of Montreal14990

Top Universities in Canada Popular Courses

The top universities in Canada provide quality university education which opens doors of immense possibilities for students. Here, students can choose from almost 15,000 study programs offered at various levels of studies across higher learning institutions to research-intensive universities. The study modules developed to teach students inculcate critical thinking, leadership and research skills among them.

Highlighted below are some courses that are popular among international students wishing to study in top universities of Canada.

Popular Courses offered in Canada Universities

S.No.University NamePopular Courses
1.University of TorontoThe courses popular among students at the University of Toronto:PsychologyMedical technologyHuman & biological sciencesManagement studiesSociologyAutomation & control
2.McGill UniversityPopular courses of McGill university are:Agricultural & environmental sciencesArtsDentistryEducationEngineeringLawManagementMedicineScienceMusic
3.University of British ColumbiaTop courses applied by students to study in the University of British Columbia are:Life SciencesSocial SciencesBusiness & EconomicsClinical, pre-clinical & HealthEngineering & technologyArts & HumanitiesPhysical sciencesGeographySports-related subjects
4.University of AlbertaPopular courses of the University of Alberta opted by students are:Mining engineeringNursingVeterinary SciencesSport-related subjectsManagementPharmacy & pharmacologyLawEducationArchaeologyClinical medicine
5.McMaster UniversityThe courses that are popular among students who wish to study at McMaster University:Computer ScienceLife SciencesHealth SciencesBusiness & EconomicsSocial SciencesEngineeringScienceArts & Humanities
6.University of MontrealTop courses applied by students to study at the University of Montreal are:Life SciencesMedicineEngineeringBusiness & Economics

Top Universities in Canada Average Tuition Fees in College

Students wishing to study in Canada need to do thorough research before applying for any college/university of Canada. That includes knowing about the average tuition fees students need to pay at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Given below is a brief account of tuition fees in top universities of Canada.

University of Toronto: The tuition fees at the University of Toronto varies from campus to campus. The course fees for international students studying full-time undergraduate/postgraduate programmes can cost between CAD 36,000-60,000.

McGill University: At the McGill University of Canada, the tuition fees for international undergraduate students starts usually from CAD 18,000 and goes up to CAD 50,000. The international students wishing to pursue postgraduate studies may need to pay CAD 15,000-16,000 as tuition fees.

University of British Columbia: One of the top universities in Canada, the tuition fees at the University of British Columbia ranges from CAD 36,000 to CAD 52,000 for international undergraduate students studying full-time degrees. As for full-time postgraduate international students, the course fees can fall between CAD 3000-20,000 per instalment.

University of Alberta: Undergraduate students who wish to study at the University of Alberta need to pay a tuition fee of around CAD 21,000, depending on the course they wish to study. Also, the graduate tuition fee for international students is around CAD 12,100.

McMaster University: Undergraduate tuition fees for international students cost around CAD 20,000 to CAD 26,000 at McMaster University. As for graduate studies, the tuition fee falls between CAD 16,500-17,100.

University of Montreal: For postgraduate studies, the tuition fees for international students at the University of Montreal can cost around CAD 8,186 per session.

Top Universities in Canada How to apply for Canadian Universities

Every university in Canada has its own requirements and conditions that students need to fulfil in order to get into one. After deciding to study in Canada, international students need to also choose where in Canada and in which university they wish to pursue their education. Now, lets take a look at the steps given below to help students apply for a course of study in their selected universities.

  • First the international students wishing to study in Canada must know that the intake generally starts during the months of September and January. This may vary from university to university. So, the candidates should apply for the selected programme of a Canadian university at least eight to twelve months in advance.
  • Before applying, applicants must enquire about the eligibility conditions, documents required, language requirements and other necessary details about individual universities they applying for. Having prior knowledge eases any confusion regarding application process. Also, international students get plenty of time to fulfil all the necessary requirements.
  • Now, international students need visit the official website of a particular university to apply directly for a programme of that institution. Complete the necessary application process and submit the application.

Top Universities in Canada Scholarships for International Students

Several scholarships and grants are made available to international students with merit to encourage them to pursue education in Canada. Availing scholarships helps lessen the financial burden of an international student. Highlighted below are a few scholarships offered to foreign students to study in Canada.