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The alumni of the institution have gone forward in the world to become essential positive change makers and intellectual thinkers. To maintain its academic repute, this imperial institution has a very low acceptance rate of just 8% and also has a high academic fees for students. As a result, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has initiated the MIT Scholarships in order to support some of these talented students who deserve to secure a place at the institution. This article covers significant details aboutMIT Scholarships for the students who wish to attend the.

MIT Scholarships- Tuition and Fees

The MIT University can be extremely expensive not only for the international students but also the domestic ones. The institution seeks to provide the best facilities to its students which assists them in their research and learning. The tuition for the undergraduate programs at the university reaches up to approximately USD 46,704 which can fluctuate depending on the program chosen by the student. The accommodation facilities include room and boarding which can cost up to USD 14,500 per year and is added to the tuition. To overcome the problem of losing talented applicants due to financial problems, MIT provides an excellent range of MIT scholarships.

The students admitted in the MIT university are among the top innovators and a separate portal- College Scholarship Service (CSS) by the College Board is used to register such applicants for financial aid. Each MIT scholarship is not a loan but a grant which is not supposed to be repaid by the applicant. The institution also allows undergraduates to receive scholarships and grant from private sources and government apart from the MIT scholarships. In order to fully understand the schemes implemented and allowed for financial assistance by the university continue reading the article. Most of the significant information for the same has been descriptively covered below.

MIT Scholarships- Scholarship Information

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the top-ranked institutions in the world. The competition rate to get admitted into it is extremely high and the acceptance rate is equally low. It is one of the reasons why MIT does not award merit-based scholarships.

The MIT scholarships are solely need-based and are endorsed through the gifts and endowments received by MIT from their alumni and various other friendly networks. About 58% of the MIT undergraduate students receive MIT scholarships which are equivalent to approximately USD 45,542 per student. The amount awarded to the students depends on the financial condition of the family.

MIT Scholarships- How to Apply?

In order to apply for a financial grant through MIT scholarships, the applicant has to register themselves at the online application portal of the College Board- College Scholarship Service (CSS). The step by step procedure to apply for a financial grant through MIT scholarships is mentioned below:

Step 1: Apply for MIT admission

To receive an MIT scholarship, apply for admission to a specific course at MIT University.

Step 2: Visit the MIT website

Visit the official MIT website.

Click on fill out the CSS profile to access the online application portal for financial aid.

Step 3: Go through instructions for International Applicants

Prior to filling the application, the candidate requires to read the instructions on completing the CSS profile as International Applicants.

Step 4: Register

Register as an applicant and log in to continue

Fill in the application form with the required details

Step 5: Attach the necessary documents

Attach the necessary and required documents (mentioned below) along with the application

Go through the application form thoroughly to avoid any misinformation or errors

Step 6: Submit the application

After a quick revision of the application form and the attached documents submit the application form.

MIT Scholarships- Required Documents

The students applying for admissions at MIT need to provide certain proofs along with their application. Here is the list of documents required to be attached for MIT admission and the MIT scholarships.

Documents required for MIT admission:

Biographical Form

Standardized test scores (any one of the following)

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or American College Testing (ACT) as well as 2 SAT subjects (one in Sciences and one in Math)

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) as well as 2 SAT subjects (One in Sciences and one in Math)

For more information on this, check MIT admission website for the following:

Academics, Essays and Extra-curricular activities

Secondary School Reports

Documents required for MIT Scholarships:
  • CSS Profile and application
  • Family Income Statement/ Tax Returns
  • In case the parents of the applicant are divorced, the applicant needs to submit the non-custodial parents profile
  • February Updates and Notes Form

Additional Information on MIT Scholarships

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has two application cycles which are Early Action (EA) and Regular Action (RA) respectively. If an MIT applicant chooses to apply at the university during Early Action, the institution does not place any limits on where else the applicant may apply. Nor does the institution require the applicant to attend if admitted in the university; which is not the case with Regular Action. However, students may not be able to apply at MIT University during the Early Action if the they apply to another school which has asingle choice restriction. Some important dates concerning the MIT scholarships have been mentioned below:

MIT Scholarships- Important Dates:

Sr. No.EventDate*
1.Early Action Application Deadline30th November
2.Regular Action Application Deadline15th February

MIT Scholarships- About the University

TheMassachusetts Institute of Technology, founded in 1861 is a private university located outside Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With about 5,000 undergraduate enrollments and gender distribution percentage of 46 percent female students and 54 percent male students, the institution spreads in an area of 166 acres. MIT has attained a position among the top 5 universities in the world almost every year. The university has 5 Schools in different sectors of education though its prime focus is undoubtedly fixed on scientific and technological research. MIT has the following schools under it:

  • School of Architecture and Planning
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Sloan School of Management
  • School of Science

MIT University requires the freshman applicants to stay on-campus and almost 70% of the total undergraduate students live on-campus. The research university is an impeccable institution for receiving higher education with an urban setting which enables intellectual leaders for tomorrow. An overview of the university has been given below for the students clarity: